Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Food/ Cooking - Crawfish Party

Here's some pics from our Crawfish Party a couple of weeks ago.

Preparing artichokes, corn, and potatoes for the crawfish boil.

Artichokes, corn, and potatoes are done. Crawfish totes on the left.

Everybody brought some side dishes, because crawfish never makes you full.
There was jumbo boiled shrimp, quiche, shrimp diablo, jalapeno poppers, brisket, BBQ chicken, potatoe salad, asian salad, regular salad, and a whole bunch of chips and dip.

This is the dessert area. There was baklava, cinnamon rolls, and my famous cream puffs.

Obviously no one touched the other desserts except for my cream puffs.

We got crawfish totes for everyone so there wouldn't a mess and they're easy to clean. And of course plenty of beer and alcohol.

That's me finally getting to enjoy the crawfish.
Hopefully next time I'll video tape our crawfish cooking method and secret recipes.

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